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Tafabot helps users execute smarter trades, using different crypto trading bots options suitable for bullish, bearish or sideways market conditions.

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Crypto Trading Bots

Our platform comes packed with automated trading bots to make you a profitable trader in every market condition.

NeuralNet Bot

Revolutionary MACHINE LEARNING bot that uses deep learning technology. Neuralnet scans multiple markets to identify the most profitable trades, automatically executing them on your behalf.

Wealth Builder Strategy

The intelligent PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT bot. Our bot tracks market trends and strategically allocates a portion of your capital to buy crypto assets at the most opportune times daily, ensuring the best average entry price.

Long/Short Martingale

Best QUANTITATIVE STRATEGY bot. Utilizing the martingale system to execute dollar-cost averaging (DCA) trades, this powerful combination of strategies maximizes your potential profits and minimizes your risk.

Tafabot Features

Trade like a PRO by leveraging powerful bots and smart trading features to seize every opportunity for profit.

Cloud Based

With 0% downtimes, Tafabot ensures that your trading strategy keeps executing even when you are offline.


Add multiple exchanges and trade as many market pairs as you choose all-in-one system.


Connect with your favorite signal providers and execute trades automatically when they send a signal.


Make use of pre-configured bots or quickly create your own unique bot and operate multiple bots simultaneously.

Mirror Trading

Use profitable trading strategies of experienced traders via mirror trading or share your own strategy and get paid when others copy it.

Referral System

With the Tafabot reward system, you get to earn from your referrals trading profits up till the 15th downlines.

Client Feedback

What successful traders say about TafaBot

Carlos George

“I was new to trading bots and didn’t know which one to use, but I was recommended to use Tafabot’s Smart Invest Bot... „

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Hany Thompson

“I recently had the pleasure of testing out the TafaBot trading bot software. I must admit, I was initially hesitant to try it out, but after giving it a go ... „

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Mardy Phillip

“I have been using Tafabot for my trading for the past few months and I'm very pleased with its performance. The software is very user-friendly... „

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Davis Bryan

“My Tafabot experience has been really good, I have been trading for a quite long and I used different trading bots, Tafabot allows me to create... „

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Pete Anderson

“I wasn’t interested in trading until I discovered mirror trading on Tafabot! I able easily to copy the strategies of top traders... „

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Our Pricing Plan


  • $500 Maximum Trading Cap
  • $10 Minimum Fuel Fee Deposit
  • Trade on Binance and Huobi Connect
  • Fuel Fee: 30% (For Manual Trade)
    30% (For Automated Trade)
  • Premium: Trade Alerts, News Alerts


  • $200 Maximum Trading Cap
  • 1 Maximum No of Trades
  • 1 Maximum No of Exchanges
  • Fuel Fee: 10% (For Manual Trade)
    20% (For Automated Trade)
  • Premium: Trade Alerts, News Alerts


  • $3,000 Maximum Trading Cap
  • 3 Maximum No of Trades
  • 2 Maximum No of Exchanges
  • Fuel Fee: 10% (For Manual Trade)
    20% (For Automated Trade)
  • Premium: Trade Alerts, News Alerts


  • $25,000 Maximum Trading Cap
  • 20 Maximum No of Trades
  • 5 Maximum No of Exchanges
  • Fuel Fee: 10% (For Manual Trade)
    20% (For Automated Trade)
  • Mirror Ownership
  • Premium: Trade Alerts, News Alerts


  • Unlimited Trading Capital
  • Unlimited Number of Trades
  • Unlimited Number of Exchanges
  • Fuel Fee: 10% (For Manual Trade)
    20% (For Automated Trade)
  • Mirror Ownership
  • VIP Priority Support
  • Premium: Trade Alerts, News Alerts

White Label

  • Bulk Purchase Required
  • 200+ Licenses Minimum
  • Enjoy 45% Discount
  • Applies to all Licenses
  • Reseller Permission
  • Zero Bonus Payout

Manage all your exchange accounts from one interface

Automated trading tools are supported on 25+ major cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Binance on Tafabot
  • Huobi on Tafabot
  • OKEX on Tafabot
  • Binance US on Tafabot
  •  OKX on Tafabot
  • Kucoin on Tafabot
  • Kraken on Tafabot
  • Bybit on Tafabot
  • Phimex on Tafabot
  • Bitmex on Tafabot
  • Bitstamp on Tafabot
  • Bittrex on Tafabot
  • on Tafabot
  • Poloniex On Tafabot
  • Ascend on Tafabot
  • Houbi on Tafabot
  • Deribit on tafabot
  • Coinbase Pro on tafabot


Frequently Asked Question

Trading bot is a software program used to automate trades and make the decision of buy and sell based on market data and predefined rules.
You need to connect your cryptocurrency exchange with the trading bot and set specific parameters to guide the bot on how to act. There are different types of trading bots such as Arbitrage bot, Scalping bots, etc.

Trading bots use various indicators to analyze market data and execute trades automatically. The logic used by a trading bot can vary depending on the bot and the trading strategy. Tafabot offers different types of bot options suitable for all market conditions including bear, pull and sideways markets.

Crypto trading bots are profitable if you choose the right trading strategy and configured your bot properly with the right parameters. Keeping in mind the market conditions. You should thoroughly research any trading bot before using it because there is a lot of low-quality products in the market advertised as trading bots. If you are new to crypto trading bot, you can use mirror trading where you can just copy the bot of a successful trader. Check our mirror trading here.

Mirror trading allows newbies to copy the trading strategy of other successful traders, this is great for crypto newbies who don’t have enough trading experience yet. You can just copy the trading strategy of a successful trader.

Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind while copying a mirror to ensure that your capital is safe

The best crypto trading bot is the one that can pull information from multiple sources, so it can perform a profitable decision. Also, there are other factors involved when choosing a crypto trading bot like Security, Automation and speed. With Tafabot you can automate your trading bot with 0% downtime (your trading strategy keeps executing even when you are offline). Since we are using API keys, your funds are completely safe.

Automated trading like any other form of trading can be risky. Since trading bots rely on data and historical information if that information is incorrect or outdated the bot may make incorrect trades. So, it’s important to do extensive research before choosing any trading bot.

Setting up a bot for trading on Binance futures market can vary depending on the bot you choose, but here is a general outline of the process:

1- Choose a bot: research and choose a bot that’s compatible with Binance futures market. Make sure the bot has a good reputation and positive reviews.

2- Create an API key: go to the API management section of Binance website, create new API key. The API key will allow the bot to access your account and make trades on your behalf.

3- Connect the bot to Binance: configure the bot to use the API key by inputting the key and the secret into the bot’s settings.

4- Configure the bot’s settings: set up the bot trading parameters such as the amount you want to trade, trading strategy etc.

5- Test the bot: test the bot with a small amount of funds to ensure that it’s working as expected.

6- Monitor the bot performance: once the bot is live, monitor the bot and make sure that the bot is making profitable trades.

Surely not all the Binance futures bots created equal and some may be more difficult to set up, but generally, this is should give you a general idea of how to set up your Binance futures bot

Spot trading refers to the buying and selling of assets for immediate delivery while futures trading refers to the buying and selling of assets for delivery at a future date. A Futures bot can be used to facilitate trading in the futures market.

Tafabot is sharing 50% of all the revenue with users as a reward for working together. You can get your Tafabot referral code through simple steps:
1. Register
2. Subscribe to a plan
3. Get your Tafabot referral code
4. Share the code with your network and earn!

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