Angel Program

Angels are the heart of our community. Join our program to help build a better crypto experience for everyone.

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Who are Tafabot Angels

They are the most valued users across the Tafabot ecosystem as community builders and leaders who play major role as an acting bridge between Tafabot and communities around the globe.

Tafabot Angels continue to enjoy unique privileges and opportunities. We are looking at achieving 10,000 Tafabot Angels across the world over the next 4 years.

Tafabot Angel


  • Build the Tafabot brand awareness locally. Host weekly zoom webinars training users on how to maximize Tafabot
  • Pair up with other Tafabot Angels in their city. Tag our official handles online to live events

Organize monthly or
two monthly Tafabot Conferences


Act as the go-between Tafabot LLC and the local community

Tafabot Angel

Key Benefits

  • Access to company training resources. All-expense-paid specialized training for optimized online leads generations and sales conversions
  • Opportunity for all-expense-paid holiday trips to 5-star Holiday destinations
Meet Up Support

Tafabot will publicize live events on replicable site with 200,000 daily visits

Top Sellers

Top Selling Angels will get partial funding once a year for their big events

Tafabot Angel

Selection Criteria

  • Users who contribute actively in our meeting points are rewarded with the Angel or Pre-Angel status
  • Users who continue to spread the Tafabot brand across their communities are rewarded with the Angel or Pre-Angel recognition
Angels Status

Total direct sales volume of $5000 within a year qualify for the Angels status


All those who achieve $2000 sales within 6 months become Pre-Angel

Tafabot Angel